"If you have the opportunity to hear Sarah, don’t miss it! She is truly passionate in her dialogue and speaks from not only the head but from the soul. Her life experiences on relationship building comes through in a lively and spirited expression that keeps you engaged and captivated."
Kim Nathan, RN
Director Union Hospital

​​​​Workshops & Talks

Why Building and Maintaining Relationships are Key to Emerging Leaders Success

  • A recent survey by Hart and Associates shared that 96% of the employers surveyed stated that “all students should have experiences in college that teach them how to solve problems with people whose views are different from their own." This is not just an issue with college students; many people struggle in this area. Being able to build and maintain relationships is the key to success in every area of life.
  • Learn:
    • Why it is so important
    • What you can do to sharpen your skills in building and maintaining relationships.
    • Plus. A quick reminder: Yes... Some people think and act differently from you, and we need that to be competitive in our global markets.

Having "The Talk"...When an Employee Wants to be Promoted

  • Most managers have experienced an employee who has excellent technical skills but lacks interpersonal skills that are needed to move to the next level in their career.
  • What do you do when this employee wants to be promoted?
  • How do you talk to them about missing skills that are not technical expertise?
  • How do you help them gain these skills?

Growing Emerging Leaders, Strategically

  • Business is sharing a similar concern about missing skill sets of employees, especially recent college graduates and emerging leaders. 
  • Where have interpersonal skills gone? 
  • Why are these skills important?
  • How do we help our emerging leaders gain these skills?

Running Social Capital 2.0 in Compatibility Mode

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