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Tropical Shapes

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Tropical Shapes

About Dr. Sarah Andreas

Sarah describes herself as a Ph.D., Artist, Leadership Coach, and Whole Person who serves as a guide, challenger, and supporter of women on their leadership journey. 

She challenges and supports women to DREAM BIG, PLAN, and TAKE ACTION to live the lives they want. 


Sarah shares, "My purpose in life is to teach, research, coach, and write about women's leadership development and support women learning to lead themselves."

Her Ph.D. is in Organizational Leadership, where she focused on "What leaders experience through leadership development."

When she is not speaking, teaching, or coaching, Sarah loves spending time with her son, Marcus, and husband, Dan. 

"I practice what I preach.

Creativity, Purpose & Passion

Personal, Professional, Leadership Development and


Sarah believes that our values define us, these are hers.

Glass Jars with Plants


“Ask Questions. Stay Open.”

Coffee Table


“Empowered to act.”

Poppy Field


“Kind with boundaries.”

Yellow Flowers


“No ruts.”

Plant Box


“Learn, teach and grow.”

Meet Dr. Sarah Andreas
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