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My Story

Sarah Andreas lives in the heart of Ohio. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, where she studied how individuals experience leadership development within mind, body, and soul. This line of study led her to explore leadership development through creative, mindful practice.  In pursuit of understanding the nonverbal language of art Sarah studied and graduated from Malian Art Institute Master's program. Throughout her life, Sarah was always attracted to colors and textures. Discovering a nonverbal language within the art can convey concepts and thoughts too big or emotional for verbal language; Sarah was inspired to use art to communicate transformation, possibilities, and courage.


Sarah believes there is a power within each of us to live our dreams, to choose to embrace our whole selves, heart, mind, and body.  She uses a transformative, empowering creative process to empower and inspire collectors to dare big dreams and take action to create lives they love. Sarah creates art with the intention of a visual reminder that beauty can come out of chaos.  Sarah shares, "I paint the transformation that I want collectors and clients to experience. I want them to feel inspired."


Sarah is currently living with her husband and son on their 250+ acre farm where her studio is located. Sarah and her husband remodeled her studio and built an 8' easel. This easel allows Sarah to work on multiple art pieces at a time. You will find Sarah's paintings are full of vibrant colors, celebration, and transformation. In the future Sarah plans to explore warm beaches and create a new series of paintings inspired by the colors and sounds of the ocean.