Partispate in a Women's Leadership Development Study

Who Can Participate? 


Currently Leads 3 or more people

A desire to work on their leadership

While there is still a great deal of controversy in psychology surrounding the issue of gender based differences in leadership ability; my research has revealed absolutely no gender differences in ability in this particular task. 

You and I will explore and gain a deeper understanding of leadership development through the mindful participatory photographic process

What is required?

  • You!

  • A digital camera (on your phone is fine)

  • Access to upload photos to google drive

  • Ability to participate in the weekly zoom call

    • You will need to be able to share your computer screen so we can see your photographs.

    • You will also need a microphone and video camera so we can see and hear you as well.

How long is the study?

7 Weeks.

What are the dates/Times?

Zoom calls are at 1pm EST (between 60-90 min)

  • July 13

  • July 20

  • July 27

  • Aug 10

  • Aug 17

  • Aug 24

  • Aug 31 - this is a one-on-one interview. You will schedule it using my calendar at a date/time in week seven that works for you. (I will send you a link in week 4 to schedule)

Why participate?

The benefits of participation are that it would offer some practical insights into your personal leadership development. In addition, the data collected may serve as a baseline for future studies.  It is my hope that together we are able to explore and gain a deeper understanding of leadership development through the mindful participatory photography process.


There will be no compensation for your time although your information can serve to broaden the depth of knowledge on leadership development.

I am in...How do I sign up?

Awesome! I am excited to have you participate. 

Fill out this google form which includes: 

  • Contact info

  • Informed Consent

  • Demographic Information

I will email you the PDF. It contains the following:

Dates & Time list

Weekly Checklist for assignments

Sarah's Contact info