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Are the books you're reading really helping you grow or are they stifling you?

All the books that you're reading could be hurting your professional and personal growth. Let's jump right into today's topic which is all about books. Here's what I mean.

A lot of us can get stuck in what I like to call the gathering trap. The gathering trap is where you're always gathering information because you want to make sure you know exactly what you're doing and exactly what you're talking about. The problem with this is that all that gathering gives you an excuse. You feel like you're accomplishing things, and you feel like, "Oh, yeah. I'm doing a lot." When the reality is that you're gathering, you're not doing. I have been guilty of this in the past.

It's essential that you take stock to make sure that you're not just gathering all the time. That you're actually doing something with the information that you're collecting. Think about the last book you read. Did you actually do something with what you read? Did you take a nugget out of that book that you applied, or did you just read it and then move on to the next book?

This is your challenge.

The next book that you read, I want you to tell me what book did you read and what nugget did you take out that you're actually applying. Then, I would love to read comments from you about did that really help. Did it make a difference for you?

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