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Are you working hard so that your family can have more?

This topic is one that I'm very passionate about, and it's one that I've coached numerous people on.

That is when I'm working with someone, and they say, "Hey, the reason I work so hard is that I want to provide for my family." That is fabulous. I love that sentiment, but this is the thing I always challenge the person with, and I'm going to challenge you with it as well. Are you spending so much time at work and working hard that your family doesn't even know who you are?

The reality is, I see so many people do this, where they say, "Hey, the reason I work so hard is that I want to provide for my children and I want my children to be happy." You run into them five years later, and you're like, "Hey, how's everything going?" They're divorced, and they never see their kids. I think that there needs to be balance. The important thing is that you're building relationships and you're spending time with them.

The reality is that they outgrow the new toy, but they will always remember the time that you spent with them and the memories that you've made together. Just don't lose sight of that, is all I'm saying. Take a step back, make sure that you're evaluating the amount of time that you're working and the amount of time that you're spending with your family. Make sure that there's a balance in those.

That's a healthy balance. Some healthy balances would be when I spend time with my family I really spend time with my family. For me, personally, there's been times where I'm working insane hours, I'm working six days a week. I'm doing homework at night and on the weekends and all this kind of crazy stuff, but I've always been very purposeful with the time I spend with my family.

We have a tradition right now. My son started a job, he's a lifeguard at the Y, and on Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings we all go to brunch together, and then he goes to work. It's a matter of just finding those times where you can build relationships and spend time together that's genuinely about building those connections. This week, just take a pause, look at your life, look at your work. Make sure that you're prioritizing your family into that craziness that you're doing as you're trying to succeed because both are important.

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