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Being Coached or Mentored?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a coach and a mentor? myself personally, I've had about 10 coaches in my career. I've had a coach for professional appearance, I've had a coach for communication skills and speaking skills. A coach to help me learn how to coach, so I've had quite a range of coaches.

A coach is somebody that you're paying to help you learn how to master a skill set, and it should be for a short period of time. Coaching relationships, I know some people have coaching relationships that last for years. I have coaches that I use off and on over the years but not continuously, but everybody is a little different.

A mentor, on the other hand, is somebody who is personally investing in you, they're spending time with you, talking to you, sharing their experiences and helping you grow and develop.

For me, one of the things that my mentor has done is helped me recognize areas that I need to grow in, and then I went out and found a coach to help me master those skill sets quickly. When I'm paying money and have a coach involved I'm a little bit more motivated to actually get something accomplished. I think whichever one you decide to go with will help you grow. If you like coaches better or if you like a mentor better, I don't think it matters. What matters is the effort you put into the relationship.

I think the thing that makes the most significant difference is that you are making an effort to grow and that you're putting the time and energy into it, whether it's with a coach or a mentor. I think either one can make a huge difference in your development. Below comment, let me know which one do you use, a mentor or a coach.

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