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Let's jump right into the topic today, which is why, if organizations are spending $50 billion on leadership initiatives, aren't they getting more leaders? If you've had this experience where you're investing in someone and it just feels like you're sending them to classes or you're having them read books, but they're not really growing and taking leadership roles inside of your organization, here's some quick tips to help you get them going.

Debrief with them. Find out what was learned and what are the individual is going to apply. A lot of times what happens when we go to training is we take a bunch of notes. Hopefully, they're taking notes. If they're not taking notes and they think that they're going to remember it all in their brain, don't send them again. Most people we can't remember what we had for breakfast last Friday, the chances of them remembering what they learned in a classroom is really slim. They need to be taking notes when they're going to classes. Then when they come back, debrief with them.

Focus on one thing: Have them pick one thing that they're really going to work on to master that skill. If they focus on that skill for at least 30 days, actively work on practicing and getting better and you're checking in with them, chances are you are going to make a huge difference in their leadership development. Having someone check in on their progress can help because somebody else is helping hold them accountable for what they've learned. Sharing what they're doing with what they've learned, it makes a big difference. If you want to get more out of your leadership development investment, spend some time with the person that you're investing in.

Help hold them accountable: Whether you're sending them away to other classes or you're having them coached or even if you're having them read books. Doing it by themselves is not going to be super easy for them, but having someone who helps hold them accountable, will make a huge difference, and you can do that.

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