It is all about your strengths.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Years ago, I watched a video from Marcus Buckingham about leading from your strengths, and he really resonated with me. He told the story of the trombone player. The story was the young man found someone who wanted to play the trombone and was good at it, and he found his strengths as a drum player.

That story started me on my journey to figure out what are my strengths, what am I really good at, and how do I put them in practice. I discovered that if I focus on my weaknesses, which I'm going, to be honest, my weakness, I have lots of them, but the two that are at the top are I'm horrible at spelling and grammar. I don't care where the comma goes. I just don't care, and I know there's somebody out there going, "Argh." Hey, it's the truth. Even if I really did care, I don't think- it processes in my brain the way it should.

I could focus all the time on how bad my spelling is and work hard to try to improve my grammar or I could focus on my strengths, which is how well I think, the thoughts that I have that can help other people, my organizational skills and leadership knowledge. If I spend all my time worrying about my weaknesses, I wouldn't have written two books. Because I could write, and I have people who edit it and make it fantastic because they catch my weird spelling, and they catch the fact that I don't put the commas where they're supposed to be, and they love it. By me worrying about my strengths and them worrying about their strengths, it creates this remarkable synergy, and two books came out of that.

Quote by Sarah Andreas
Someone needs your strengths

The message for you is to DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS. What do you bring to the table? Chances are what you bring to the table is exactly what somebody else needs. Somebody needs your strengths, and if you're spending all your time focusing on your weaknesses, you're missing opportunities to help others. Because your strengths are somebody else's weaknesses just like mine are. My friend who does the editing for me, her strength is editing and spelling and all that stuff. One of the things that she says is my strengths is my ability to take a story and put it together. We are exactly what the other person needs.

I encourage you, figure out what your strengths are and offer them out in the world you're going to be shocked at what a difference you can make.

P.S. My editor did not check this… She is busy putting kids to bed tonight…So if there is an error it is mine to own. #Findyourstrengths #LeadershipThePeopleSideofBusiness

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