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Knowledge by itself is not powerful

Have you heard the old saying "Knowledge is power"? We're going to talk about it today because it's not true.

Today my topic is "Knowledge is power, and why I don't think that's true." You all know that I'm a huge seeker of knowledge. I love knowledge. I want it. I like to learn things. I'm always getting books and reading, and watching podcasts, going to webinars and seminars, and you name it. If it's related to learning and leadership, I'm probably there.

However, when whoever made up that statement said it, they missed an essential step because knowledge by itself is not powerful. I can know a bunch of stuff, but if I never do anything with it, it's a waste of my brain space. Really, if we want knowledge to be power, what we have to do is take that knowledge and apply it somewhere.

I want to challenge you to take something you know and apply it. Something that's maybe creative or something that helps you move to the next level in your organization. Do you agree? Do you think knowledge is po