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Perfectly Imperfect part 3- Deciding

We are continuing the series Perfectly Imperfect and loving it. Our topic today is all about deciding. So many of us get caught up in the idea that we need other people's input because we want to be liked. We want them to respect us. We want to make sure we're doing it right. There are times when you need to just decide. You need to decide for yourself. You need to think about what are the pros what are the cons. What are the things that I like? How's this going to work out for me? How might it not work out for me? But in the end, you have to decide. I think we can get stuck in indecision when we're thinking about how I want to make sure it's perfect. If it doesn't serve your purpose. If it doesn't help you get to your next level. You need to just really make a decision.

So why is making decisions so difficult for us? When we asked other people and get their opinions on it, we're taking the responsibility of making