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Perfectly Imperfect part 3- Deciding

We are continuing the series Perfectly Imperfect and loving it. Our topic today is all about deciding. So many of us get caught up in the idea that we need other people's input because we want to be liked. We want them to respect us. We want to make sure we're doing it right. There are times when you need to just decide. You need to decide for yourself. You need to think about what are the pros what are the cons. What are the things that I like? How's this going to work out for me? How might it not work out for me? But in the end, you have to decide. I think we can get stuck in indecision when we're thinking about how I want to make sure it's perfect. If it doesn't serve your purpose. If it doesn't help you get to your next level. You need to just really make a decision.

So why is making decisions so difficult for us? When we asked other people and get their opinions on it, we're taking the responsibility of making this decision. We're watering it down so that way instead of us happening to decide we let other people decide for us. I remember I did this a lot when I was young, I was 17 or 18. I would always be like, what do you think my mom? She would give me her opinion and I would just go and do what she thought. Which is fine, I guess when you're younger but once you become an adult and you are responsible for you and nobody else is responsible for you. Then it's time for you to make your own decision.

I run things through a filter as I'm trying to decide what I want to do. Of course, I do take my husband into consideration. He often doesn't give me any opinion because he knows I'm going to decide. The filter I use is, does it make me happy? Is it going to energize me? Is it going to take me to my next level? Does it give me more capacity? Does it let me pour into other people's lives the way I want to show up?

I'm making that decision. The other piece that I put in is actually one of my life filters. It is action. I'm going to take action and if it's the wrong decision I'll correct it. I'll go on and I'll do the opposite was of what I did the first time. But the critical piece is that I've learned to take action. I've learned to make the decision and just decide. So I want you to practice that this week if you struggle with making decisions. If every time you're thinking about doing something, you ask 15 people what they think. I want you to pause and decide what do I think? Then go with that. If it's wrong, change it up.

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