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When are you going to stop getting ready to get started and just get started?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Many times we get stuck. I often think about it like taffy. We have these really great intentions, and we put our foot or our hand down to start, then as we're pulling up we kind of stick and it makes it almost impossible for us to move forward.

I think that happens to us so often. We have this great idea about something that we're going to do, and we're getting ready, and we're getting prepared, and we're getting ready, but we never do it. Sometimes it's best just to do it, get it out in the open so that way you have the freedom to move to the next level. I remember I listened to a John Maxwell speech and he said you have to write the first book to write the next book and that always stuck with me.

I always call it the crappy first draft. You have to create the crappy first draft of the thing you are meant to create to get to the next better version of what you're working on. It can be scary to put yourself out there; it can be intimidating when you look at everyone else and see how well they are already doing. The thing that you have to remember is everybody starts somewhere. The person whom you admire the most, who you think is the best leader in your organization started out as a crappy leader. They did. Nobody starts out being excellent at it.

I remember I think I was probably 10 or 12 and my mom told me I was bossy. I know that in that moment I was bossy (aka A Leader in the making 😊 ). It was because I didn't know how to use my strengths, my forcefulness, and my drive to get results. Back then because I was just focused on getting people to do what I wanted them to do and not influencing them to get them to what they should be doing instead, I was not a great leader. That was my crappy first draft…I created many more versions since then and each version got better.

I think each of us needs to have our crappy first draft and we need to be willing to put it out there into the world, because like I keep telling everyone, there's somebody who's still behind you, somebody who's looking up to you thinking, "Hey, they've got their stuff altogether." If you can do that, put yourself out there and stop waiting and stop getting ready to get ready and just do it. You are a leader…showing another person the way, being their light.

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