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Who are you? What are you offering the world?

This article is all about knowing yourself. What does knowing yourself have to do with being a great leader? The better you know yourself, the better of a leader you can be because you understand how you react in certain situations and that understanding can help you keep unhelpful reactions for happening.

When you know that in a situation where people are unhappy, you tend to shut down or in a case where people are unhappy, you tend to take the lead and really put yourself out there to try to improve that relationship, you can manage yourself. You give yourself a pep talk and make yourself stay aware and present if shutting down is your go-to the reaction. But you cannot make changes if you don’t realize that is what is happening. The more you know about yourself, the better off you are. You will learn to be able to flex your style, control yourself more, and be able to really put yourself out there in a way that makes a difference in your work environment, in your family life, in your home life.

How do you learn about yourself? I think there are several ways that you can do it. First, you can journal. I’ve done a lot of journaling, especially when I get to a place where I feel like I’m stuck. I’ll journal, and that seems to help me. You can hire a coach to help you explore like personality styles, communication styles, your listening styles, all of that. Yes, there is such thing as a listening style, and it’s very fascinating. I’ll have to share that with you sometime. A mentor may be able to share observations as well.

The more that you can pay attention to and know about yourself, the better off you’re going to be as a leader because you’re going to understand yourself, which can help you understand others and where other people are coming from. It enables you to realize that not everybody is like you, and that is a blessing, and it's also a pain in the butt sometimes.

I’d be very interested to know from you. Comment in the section below. Tell what do you know about yourself that can help you be a better leader?

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