A guide to your next promotion.

Have you been working harder, putting in longer hours, reading more, and getting more education in preparation for your next promotion; only to discover all that effort has not opened the door of opportunity for you? Are you focused on your continual career advancement and even with all your efforts you have stalled out at your current level? Do you want to have companies fighting to have you on their team? This book guides you through a career journey process in which Sarah Andreas shares discoveries from research, working with clients, and her personal experience; offering tools, suggestions, and questions that help develop your Career Advancement Strategy and take the next step in your career journey. In her book, you’ll:

•Uncover the truth about why you have not gotten your next promotion.
•Discover simple things that may be holding you back
•Identify techniques that can help you find advancement
•Discover how other successful emerging leaders have overcome their career blocks
•And much, much more.

Sort of a What Got You Here Won’t Get You There meets Talent is Never Enough in a practical guide for emerging leaders.

Career Advancement Strategies For Emerging Leaders