If you have ever wished that there were more women in leadership roles, this book is a “must-read” for you. In Invisible Roots, Dr. Sarah Andreas provides insights to identify and overcome the invisible roots that become the stories we tell ourselves about our ability to lead. Taking a practical approach to leadership growth, with reflection and a call to action, Sarah shares how to identify the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. The stories that have taken root without your conscious thought or permission, remove them, and develop new beliefs and behaviors that truly reflect what you think, believe and aspire to become. Sarah also shares practices that you can use to help you become more aware of the invisible roots in your life that could be holding you back from being the leader you are called to be. It is not enough to wish for more women in leadership. You can take action to develop the skills and practices needed to be an influential female leader. This book will help you to change your limiting self-identity and become the leader you are meant to be. So, step up and own your leadership gifts. You are needed.

Invisible Roots: Overcoming the complexities of being a woman in leadership.