This book honors all the women who ride motorcycles and inspires others to embrace their journey.This is the second book of the Women Who Ride. You will find a delightful compilation by and for women motorcycle riders, filled with true stories from both youngsters and those with a lifetime of riding experience. In a sister-to-sister way, it offers insights and encouragement and shares the journeys and joys of having your own ride.This inspirational collection celebrates women who ride from all over the world, and all type of motorcycles – from spills, brushing themselves off and getting back on to embracing their sassy, fun loving, wild and free selves Read unique stories and experiences women of all ages have had on their journey. Moreover, their benefits of gaining inner strength and confidence, feeling empowered, with renewed physical, emotional and spiritual strength. You’ll find yourself laughing, being touched and genuinely inspired by stories including: •Kick start living passionately•Life After 40, Midlife, and Cool Grandmas•Living your legacy•Soul Fulfillment, Wind Therapy, and Adventures•Loving life, handlebars and yourself!

Women Who Ride: Loving Life, Handlebars and Myself