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Your personal and professional growth is a journey not a one and done. Throughout my life I have worked with many personal and professional coaches each one offered a different way to view myself and my journey. I view each one as a marker on my journey. Through that process I discovered how I want to serve my collectors and clients.

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Robb Walters

Robb Walters




What to work one-on-one with Sarah? Schedule a initial discovery call. One-on-one ones are very limited so this call is to make sure you are a good fit for each other. 



Commissioned Paintings

We all dream of getting a unique creation made for us...
​Before painting, Sarah will have a conversation to hear what you would love to have. She wants to know the colors you like etc., but you must understand that ART is not something we can control at 100%.

Paintings will always paint following Sarah’s own style and art process. It is a co-creation, and you get to name the painting.


Sarah will send you a contract and questions to answer.

A deposit of 50% of the painting price is required to start.

Schedule a call



Sarah is available to speaking engagements on a limited basis. Contact us with your event information. 

Schedule a call

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