Leadership Program Development can be complex. But don't let that stop your organization from pursuing that goal. Many individuals are excited about companies who want to invest in them and help them grow as future leaders of the company. Now is the time to make the investment. 

  • I can help your company
    • Develop Leaders
    • Creating and delivering leadership development programs.
    • Facilitating discussions related to leadership and leadership development. 

  • About Sarah
    • My purpose in life is to teach, research, coach and write about leadership development.
    • Currently working on my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership
    • I love spending time with my son Marcus and husband Dan. 
    • I practice what I preach. Personal, Professional, Leadership Development.
    • I work as the Director of Training and Operations at four Harley-Davidson dealerships in Ohio.
    • Riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Sarah Andreas